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  • Cycle path needed to The Abbey School

    Created by Gregory Williams // 0 threads

    A cycle path is needed to serve The Abbey School in Faversham. The busy A2 at the front of the school currently provides a barrier to pupils and staff choosing to cycle to the school. A cycle path will reduce the number of pupils being dropped off at the school by car and the number of staff that drive in, thus reducing the burden on the highway network.

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  • School Road, Saltwood 20mph zone

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    Proposed 20mph speed limit along School Road, Saltwood. The design involves removing the buildout at the Brockhill Road junction and installing overrunnable humped buildouts at regular intervals on alternate sides of School Road. "Gate" features with kerb buildouts to restrict the road width will denote the start and end of the 20mph zone.

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